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About CellDig

CellDig® provides precision oncology testing to address the demand for personalized cancer medicine. This enables cancer patients to be matched to the most appropriate targeted therapies and immunotherapies based on their unique tumour mutation profiles.

CellDig® was founded in 2022 with a mission to harness molecular sequencing technologies to deliver an increased range of personalized medicine opportunities to patients with cancer.

CellDig® is one of the first clinically approved laboratories in Uzbekistan of genomic profiling to deliver personalized cancer medicine. This enables the most comprehensive linkage of specific cancer genetic mutations to the most appropriate targeted therapy.

CellDig® is at the forefront of providing precision oncology services that help ensure patients derive maximum benefit from a new generation of personalized drugs.

Our major focus is to harness the exciting new scientific and technical developments in cancer genomics to improve personalized treatment decisions and patient outcomes.

Cell Digital

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