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Cell Digital Laboratory precision oncology tests to Identify the most effective anti-cancer treatment for cancer patients

Genetic sequencing of an individual’s specific tumour enables matching to the right targeted therapy for increased treatment success.

Cell Digital Laboratory Precision Oncology Cancer Test to Identify The Most Effective Anti-Cancer Treatment

Genetic sequencing of an individual,s specific tumour enables matching to the right targeted therapy for increased treatment success

Welcome to Cell Digital Laboratory

Cell Digital is a leading precision cancer and genetic testing services laboratory

Welcome To Cell Digital Laboratory

One Lab.

Vital Answers.

Transforming Care for Cancer Patients.

Our specialty is cancer. Our mission is saving lives.

We create better, more hopeful futures for people living with cancer. It’s in our DNA.

As a leader in oncology testing, we endeavour to remove the complexities of diagnosing cancer and to empower oncologists, pathologists, and our pharma and biotech partners to provide patients with the best care possible. Cell Digital enables precision oncology with the most advanced and comprehensive testing menu, ensuring you and your patients are equipped with the tools to optimize care.


Precision oncology is the foundation of personalized patient care. And with a comprehensive portfolio of 500+ diagnostic tests covering all key testing methodologies – including broad-panel DNA and RNA-based next-generation sequencing (NGS) – we have the solutions for your oncology testing requirements.

Welcome To Cell Digital Laboratory


Cell Digital Laboratory Clinic offers innovative laboratory services with a fresh approach to reports. Our advanced lab technology ensures accurate results. Our reports are clear, concise, and easy to understand. We provide context and customization, empowering healthcare professionals and patients to make informed decisions. Your privacy is our priority. Experience the future of lab reports at Cell Digital.

Qualified Facilities

Cell Digital Laboratory: Cutting-edge facilities for advanced cellular research and regenerative medicine, driving scientific innovation and breakthroughs.

Modern Equipment

Equipped with modern, cutting-edge equipment for groundbreaking research in cellular biology and regenerative medicine.

Professional Services

Cell Digital Laboratory: Professional services for cellular biology and regenerative medicine research.

Emergency Help

Cell Digital Laboratory is ready to provide immediate and responsive emergency help. Our experienced team is equipped to handle critical situations


Solutions to All Complex Medical Problems at ONE PLACE

Cell Digital offers a a broad range of test menu including 1500 clinical laboratory tests, including all Genetic Cancer Tests (NGS) with more than 500 genes.

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